Updated Job Requisition Questionnaire Process in Workday

August 22, 2022

A new Supplementary Questionnaires for Job Requisitions subprocess is now part of the job requisition creation process. This update replaces Secondary Questionnaires and affects all job requisitions. Recruiters not using questionnaires will still receive the subprocess but can choose to skip it during the requestion creation process without affecting routing.

Implemented to address reports of questionnaires disappearing from job requestions, the job requisition creation and submission process will now trigger the Supplementary Questionnaires for Job Requisition subprocess to allow initiators to attach an existing questionnaire or create a new one. HR Strategic Workforce Solutions (SWS) and Academic Personnel Services (APS) will be able to review new questionnaires created during the job requisition process.

Updated Recruiting Documentation

The Recruiting Questionnaire WIG includes the following information to help both new and experienced questionnaire users:

  • New instructions on creating questionnaires
  • Tips on updating questionnaires
  • An appendix of tips and guidance on business process behavior

For assistance, contact askUS@austin.utexas.edu.

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