Terminology Talk - Transaction

January 3, 2022

What is a UT financial transaction? 

A transaction is a group of information that makes up an accounting entry. Some information is required on every UT accounting entry (i.e., account number, object class code, amount, etc.).  Some information is optional (i.e., DTN or *DEFINE codes, etc.).

Examples of UT transactions include purchasing payments, travel reimbursements, cash deposits, scholarship payments, transfers of funds, and more. Each transaction increases or reduces your total amount of money. 

In *DEFINE, transactions can be found on the GTM, LTM, and some LPM screens. Transactions may be viewed as Line Items on many electronic documents such as payment vouchers. Transactions may also appear on many IFM reports and on the Transaction Listings page in UT Direct. Other financial reports are listed in FRMS Tools.

Transactions usually appear as single or double lines in *DEFINE or as single lines in UT Direct, however, transactions include much more information. Additional transaction information may be viewed on the GTM screens by selecting Detail Screens 1 through 6 or on electronic document Line Items by blanking out the plus sign “+” to the far right of each transaction line. 

For more information about transactions and balances, review the lessons in the Financial Fundamentals course. To find financial terms, refer to the *DEFINE videos related to PF6 and PF10 commands or Glossary of Business and Financial Terms.

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