Report of Reports Now Available in Workday

December 9, 2022

Updated on January 3, 2023

Workday users can now use UT Custom Reports Search - RPT0961 to search the potentially hundreds of custom reports accessible to users based on the roles they hold in Workday. The new report makes it easier for you to find the report you need by providing an interface to search by category and keyword. 

The over twenty available categories include Recruiting, Compensation, I-9, Academic, HCM, and more. Keyword searches look at report names and descriptions. Workday generates the report dynamically each time it’s run, so new and updated entries will appear automatically.

Search results include a direct link to each report, along with a description, the categories the report belongs to, and which Workday roles have access to run the report.

Interested users can access a comprehensive list of all the reports included in UT Custom Reports Search - RPT0961, regardless of the role(s) they hold in Workday, by viewing the Campus Custom Reports Inventory (Excel). The file includes each report's name, description, categories, and the roles that can access each report.

For more information about reporting, visit the Workday Reporting resources page, or if you’re looking for information about financial reports, start with the article Financial Reporting Resources To Save and Share.

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