Recent Enhancements to the Contract Payment Tracker (CPT)

June 21, 2023

The Contract Payment Tracker (CPT) recently passed the two-month mark since its release to campus. With the use of the CPT increasing, we want to bring attention to some of the enhancements now available to CPT users.

Recent CPT Enhancements

  • The CPT now includes all contracts with a status of Executed in Contracts+.
  • The CPT now reflects data changes for Expired contracts in Contracts+.
  • Users can now export the Contract Family Spend Breakdown data into Excel format.
  • The transaction page’s export functionality now includes updated column headings for Excel spreadsheets.
  • We continue to support loading department-provided untracked spending (from payments before July 5, 2022) into the CPT 

Recent VP2 and VPE Enhancements

  • Payment documents can now include multiple contract numbers.
  • Date audits against contract start and end dates now use transaction service dates instead of voucher dates.
  • Encumbrances and interest payments assessed on late payments are no longer included in spending against the contract.

Enhancements Coming Soon to the CPT

  • Improve display of non-spend parent contracts with children that allow spending.
  • Provide links to the contracts in Contracts+ from the CPT for users with access to Contracts+

The team continues to update the CPT Glossary and FAQ to keep up with enhancements to the CPT.

Contract Payment Tracker (CPT) Resources

About the Contract Payment Tracker (CPT)

The University’s Contract Payment Tracker (CPT) facilitates the ability of departments to monitor payment data related to business contracts in the Contracts+ system. Along with the functionality to audit VP2 and VPE documents, the CPT ensures that payments under a business contract do not exceed the approved dollar limits of the contract.

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Thanks to Cindy Gregg of Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) for providing information for this article.

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