Quick Tips for Tracking Time Off Balances in Workday

February 20, 2023

As we approach the spring and summer vacation seasons, here are a few quick tips to help time off eligible employees track and plan for using their time-off balances. The reports mentioned in this article are all available from the My Time and Absence App or run directly by entering the report name into the Workday search bar.

  • The My Time Off Balances as of Today section of the My Time and Absence App provides the quickest way to view your current vacation and sick time balances.
  • Running the Time Off Balance report provides a more detailed view and includes vacation, sick time, comp time, floating holiday, and other available time off types. Note – Workday does take approved future time off requests into account when displaying the number of hours available for each time off type, as well as future time off accruals.
  • Employees have 12 months to use earned comp time before it expires. To make sure you don’t lose access to earned comp time, run Compensatory Time Expiring for Worker - RPT0823. The report lets you know if you have any hours expiring in the current month and the following month based on the date entered when you run the report. 
  • While employees can carryover unused vacation time off to the next fiscal year, there is a limit to that amount, with any hours over that limit being added to your sick time balance. To check for vacation hours set to transfer to sick time at the beginning of the next fiscal year, run the report Vacation Hours Over Fiscal Year Carryover Limit - RPT0927. Be sure to use any vacation time above your carryover limit before the end of the fiscal year to prevent it from transferring to your sick time balance. For more information about vacation carryover limits, see Vacation Time Off on the Human Resources website.

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