New BAFO Fields Coming to Point Plus in July

June 24, 2022

To assist offices across campus track savings elicited by asking a vendor whether a quote is their Best and Final Offer (BAFO), Point Plus will receive updates to facilitate tracking this information.

The update, scheduled for Tuesday, July 5, will include adding two optional fields to the Bid Tabbing Entry page for PB3 and PB4 documents, as well as the Vendor tab for all Purchase Order types. The BAFO Amount field will capture the dollar amount saved and the BAFO notes field will capture additional information, including method of contact, vendor response, and dates.

Offices that take advantage of the new fields, will be able to review BAFO data by running the Orders by Purchasing Center report located under Management Reports in the left sidebar of Point Plus. After the update, the report will list BAFO field data for each Purchase Order in the report spreadsheet.

Point Plus users should look for more information from Purchasing and Payment Services regarding the new fields and BAFO initiative as the release date draws near.

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