Job Alerts via email are available again in Workday

May 8, 2023

On Saturday, May 6, Workday, Inc. completed work to reactivate Job Alerts via email. Going forward, signing up for Job Alerts emails may require responding to a Confirmed Opt-In (COI) email from Workday to confirm your intent to subscribe to the alert and validate your email address. Employees with a UT work email in Workday will begin receiving Job Alerts again without needing to respond to a COI email.

Who will receive the Job Alerts COI emails?

External job seekers who sign up for Job Alerts through the external UT Staff Jobs website and internal/UT job seekers who sign up for Job Alerts but do not have an official UT work email address entered in Workday.

Why is Workday, Inc. making this change?

Having users confirm their intent to subscribe and validate email addresses reduces the incidence of spam complaints from users while providing recruiters at UT with a more refined candidate mailing list. COI emails are also necessary to comply with some anti-spam and privacy regulations.

How will I know the COI email is really from UT?

The COI email will come from the email address, an automated “send only” email account that is unable to receive or respond to emails. This is the same address used for all email notifications from Workday at UT.

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