Funding Period Errors Explained

August 3, 2020

Updated on June 9, 2023

In Workday, when the dates of a costing segment for a given cost center fall outside the funding period date range, a validation will catch this issue and display the error Costing Allocation Dates not valid for Funding Period Dates. When this occurs, you can refer to the askUS Knowledge Base entry, Costing Allocation Dates Not Valid for Funding Period Dates, for help. For other situations where you might see this error, check out the information and examples below.

When entering or making changes to costing segments, the validation will evaluate all the costing segments and not just the segment that is being changed or added. In rare cases, you might see this error for a historical costing segment you are not making changes to which can be confusing. The cause in this case is usually because changes were made to the funding period begin/end dates for the cost center by an Accountant in DEFINE. These changes in DEFINE can cause a historical costing segment to no longer be valid. 


  • Account A has a funding period from 12/1/2018 – 5/31/2019 that is used for a segment 1/1/2019 – 3/31/2019.  Because the segment falls within the funding period, there is no validation error when the costing is assigned.
  • Later, the funding period on Account A is changed to 6/1/19 – 8/31/20. When the cost center manager goes to make changes to a different segment, the validation will show an error for the segment 1/1/2019 – 3/31/2019 since that segment now falls outside the new funding period. This will happen even if no changes are being made to that specific segment.
  • Note – There is no validation in DEFINE to catch potential issues with costing segments caused by changes made to the funding period. Validation errors will only occur in Workday when changes are made to costing allocations using that account.

If you believe you have encountered this rare issue, you should discuss the funding period with the Accountant for the cost center in question. 

To learn more about costing in Workday, visit the Job Costing documentation page.

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