Finding Reports in Workday gets easier in December

November 29, 2022

On December 13, a Report of Reports will become available in Workday. The new report is a response to campus's need for a better method to search the hundreds of custom reports that exist in Workday. The new report will make it easier for you to find the report you need by providing a searchable list of all the custom reports available to you based on your roles and include direct links to each report in the list. 

You can narrow results based on category or via keyword search. Report categories include Recruiting, Compensation, I-9, Academic, HCM, and more. Keyword searches look at report names and descriptions. Workday generates the report dynamically each time it’s run, so new and updated entries will appear automatically.

The Report of Reports replaces the Searchable Campus Reports List (Excel), which will be retired in December.

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