Fall 2021 Website Enhancements Update

December 14, 2021

As part of an ongoing project to continuously improve the experience of website visitors looking for assistance when using UT’s HR/Payroll system, we began a series of updates to the website to enhance the findability of help, training, and documentation resources. In some cases, we created new resources, and in others, we recategorized existing resources to match the expectations of those looking for information more closely. Below is a summary of updates released during the fall of 2021.

  1. The Contact askUS Support page combines contact information for phone, email, and webform into one convenient location.
  2. The Find Help page collects links to commonly used guidance, training, and other self-service resources for UT’s HR/Payroll and Financial systems into one convenient location.
  3. We made our Event and Mass Process calendars easier to find by combining them under one Calendar menu on the site.
  4. The updated Instructor-Led Training (ILT) page makes it easier for visitors to find individual courses, prerequisites, and registration requirements.
  5. We created a new Documentation menu and landing page. Previously, training and documentation existed under one menu. Now users looking for one will no longer have to search through both types of information to find what they need.
  6. We created several new documentation categories to make it easier to find information about the HireChange JobMultiple Jobs, and Termination processes.
  7. Added a Mass Process Matrix to the Mass Process Guidance page to provide at-a-glance information about each process.
  8. Mass Process Guidance is now integrated with Documentation to allow those who work with mass processes easier access to mass process guidance and documentation for related business processes.

Look for more updates in 2022 as we continue to improve the websites and online resources that campus relies on for information about UT's HR/Payroll and Financial systems.