Duplicate Management Enhancement Coming to Workday in June

May 24, 2023

In June, an enhancement to Workday will reduce delays experienced by Recruiters when moving candidates through the recruiting process due to duplicate records. Addressing a duplicate record error often requires the Recruiter to contact the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) to resolve the issue. The enhancement will allow HRSC to take proactive measures to reduce delays due to duplicate records.

Currently, Workday has limited capabilities when it comes to automatically resolving duplicate records. Records with a matching first name initial and full last name are flagged as potential duplicates, which still requires manual processing of each suspected duplicate record. This causes delays for Recruiters who may only discover the duplicate in the Offer stage of the recruiting process, requiring the escalation of the duplicate records issue for an expedited resolution.

The duplicate management enhancement allows Workday to automatically merge some records without manual intervention while flagging other suspected duplicates for investigation. The flagged records are included in reports used by HRSC to proactively manage duplicate records.

The enhancement should be seamless for Recruiters who may notice fewer delays when processing candidates due to duplicate records along with fewer duplicates identified on their Job Requisitions. The new duplicate management process should also reduce requests to askUS Support and HRSC for assistance.

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If you need assistance with Workday, recruiting, or candidate management, contact askUS Support at askUS@austin.utexas.edu or HRSC at hrsc@austin.utexas.edu or hrsc-duplicate-candidates@utlists.utexas.edu for duplicate record issues.

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