Contract Payment Tracker Now Available

April 12, 2023

The Contract Payment Tracker (CPT) is now available to campus as part of phase 2 of the Contract Payments Tracking Project. Also, VP2 and VPE documents in DEFINE will now audit transactions related to processing contract payments to ensure that payments under a business contract do not exceed the approved dollar limits of the contract. Together these changes improve the ability of departments to monitor payments related to business contracts in the Contracts+ system.

Additional Features Coming Soon to the CPT

  • Ability to access contract in Contracts+ via link from CPT.
  • Ability to view full Contract Family Spend Breakdown for child contacts where the parent is a non-spend contract.
  • Ability to export an Excel file of Contract Family Spend Breakdowns.

Contract Payment Tracker and VP2/VPE document resources:

If you need assistance, contact askUS Support at

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