Automatic Compensation Events Now Visible in Worker History

February 23, 2022

In Workday, Automatic Compensation Events are system-generated transactions based on compensation plans with an Actual End Date. Users with the appropriate Workday security role can now see these events in Worker History. This change makes it easier for users to see when these fixed-term compensation plans end when reviewing Worker History.

For example, suppose you process a Request Compensation Change to give someone a Temporary Duties Allowance with an Actual End Date of March 31. In that case, you can expect to see an Automatic Compensation Change in the Business Process column of Worker History to delete the allowance with an effective date of April 1. You’ll also see additional information about the compensation plan, including the plan name, current, and proposed amounts, with the proposed amount marked as DELETED. Note that if the compensation plan is active, you will see the Automatic Compensation Change event with a future effective date.

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