Assign Costing Allocations Processes Now Include Date Range Selector

The Include Existing Allocations date range field is now available on the Assign Costing Allocationsbusiness process. The purpose of the new field is to give Cost Center Managers the option to view all the existing costing allocation segments or just the costing segments within a selected date range.  This enhancement appears in both the Assign Costing Allocations as Stand-alone and as a Sub-process and makes it easier for Cost Center Managers to find a specific costing segment and, in some cases, to decrease load times for workers with a large number of costing segments.

When initiating Assign Costing Allocations as a Stand-alone process, the Include Existing Allocations field will default to today’s date and the effective date of the main process when used as a Sub-process. Removing the dates will display all costing segments.

Refer to the following updated materials now available on the Job Costing training page for more information.

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