Preparing for Workday

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Preparing for Workday

In November 2018, UT Austin will launch Workday, a new system for human resources and payroll that will impact faculty, staff, and student employees. There are many activities units can engage in to better prepare the move to Workday. Some activities apply to all employees and some activities apply to human resources and information technology professionals.

Time Tracking

Participate in the Campus-Wide Time Report Clean-Up Effort

All time reports for employees should be up to date and approved going into Workday. If a time report is created but not approved when data is converted to Workday, the information on that time report will not be reflected in Workday, potentially causing employees to have missing or incorrect accruals. Timekeepers should review time reports from the past 12 months to capture any time reports that were missed in the regular review process. Employees should stay up to date on time report submission and managers should stay up to date on time report approvals. For detailed instructions for timekeepers, download the Campus-Wide Time Report Clean Up Effort handout.

Understand Change

Understand Changes

A new system brings many changes that impact different populations. Below are handouts that describe the major changes by population.

Processing Additional and Sporadic Employment will also be different. Learn more by downloading the following guidance documents.

Additional Resources:

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Cutover and Important Dates Related to Legacy (Current) Systems

As campus approaches going live with Workday, transactions in our current (legacy) systems will cease and the systems will become “view only.” in preparation of cutting over to the new system. Certain transactions will need to cease in some legacy systems and then entered in Workday. Below you will find specific guidance on transactions, systems, and important dates that you should be aware of.

Process Workflow

Use Workday Business Process Workflows

Workday Business Process Workflows reflect the steps, approvals, roles and integrations/systems outside of Workday involved in each business process

Sweep Away

Engage in Data Clean-Up Efforts

Before going live with Workday, data will be migrated from HRMS to Workday. By engaging in designated data clean-up efforts, HR professionals from units can ensure that data elements from that unit are clean and accurate and ready to be moved to Workday just prior to the Workday go live this fall. Please note that when ending vacant positions, there is no need to end student or university affiliate vacant positions.

Date Centre

Engage in Technical Readiness

Previously identified technical contacts from colleges, schools, and units (CSUs) who have technical, downstream dependencies on the Workday system should engage in technical readiness activities. For more information on technical resources for this group, visit the Technical Resources page. CSU technical contacts have been provided permissions to access the protected links to resources included on this page.