Workday Multiple Jobs/Additional Work Virtual ILT (2-part class)

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This Workday ILT is a two part designed for those who are new to handling employees with multiple jobs and how to hand this in Workday as well as those who may want a refresher on this topic.   

Multiple Jobs and Additional Work covers managing employees who hold more than one job and situations where employees have additional employment including staff, student, and faculty employee populations. Multiple Jobs & Additional Employment  focuses on the Add Job, End Job, Switch Primary Job Business Processes as well as Sporadic Employment.

By the end of this course you will be able to understand that difference, appropriate use, and how to initiate the following business processes:

  • Add Job
  • End Job
  • Switch Primary Job
  • Understand Sporadic Employment

Required Prerequisites (Exemptions granted for those who previously attended Workday training prior to January 2020)

  • Workday Fundamentals ILT
  • Workday Hire/Onboarding ILT 
  • Workday Changes During Employment ILT

Multiple Jobs/Additional Work Role Requirements:  At least one of the following Workday security roles must be assigned PRIOR to enrollment in this course.

  • ​HR Partner
  • HR Executive
  • HR Associate
  • HR Assistant
  • Academic HR Executive
  • Academic HR Partner
  • Academic Executive
  • Academic Partner

In order to determine the Workday roles you hold, enter "My Supporting Roles" in the Workday search bar and Workday will return a list of roles you hold. must have one of the Workday Security Roles listed above. If you do not currently hold one of the necessary security role to enroll in this course, please contact your manager and your unit's Workday Security Partner to inquire how roles are assigned in your unit. The name of your unit's Workday Security Partner can be found from your Worker Profile page in Workday. Select Jobs from the left hand navigation menu and Supporting Roles from the resulting menu at the top of the page. Scroll down to locate your Security Partner's name.

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Date and Time
Feb. 21 to 22, 2023, 1 to 2:30 p.m.
Virtual via Zoom Technology