Core HR Processes

Materials on the Core HR business processes for staffing of all populations

Key :  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Core HR Business Process

View, Cancel, or Rescind a Business Process Event - WIG

Steps to find and view transactions. Steps to cancel in-progress transactions and rescind completed transactions.

Contingent Workers - WPO

Defines Contingent Worker and provides an overview of related processes.

Nonemployee - WPO

Guidance on hiring and managing nonemployees in Workday.

Workday Costing for HR Roles - Presentation

Slide deck from class.

Troubleshooting - Presentation

How to examine Workday events to troubleshoot and fix.

Dates Matter - Presentation

Slide deck on understanding the many date fields in Workday and their impact.  Also covers sequencing of jobs for employees who have multiple jobs.


Staffing Overview By Population – WPO

Overview of the staffing lifecycle and most common staffing business processes.

Manage Business Processes for Worker – WPO

Provides guidance for the task Manage Business Process for Worker task. This task applies when an employee experiences a Change Job or a contingent worker’s contract ends. Any outstanding inbox items for that worker need to be dispositioned.

Propose Compensation - WPO

Guide to the compensation subprocess used in Hire, Change Job, and Add Job.

Worker Type and Employee Type - WPO

Outline of key concepts for Worker Type and Employee Type in Workday.

Workday Job Catalog (Includes Job Family group, Job Family, and Job Profile) - WPO

Overview of how Job Profiles are organized into a hierarchical structure known collectively as the Job Catalog.

Terminology for Compensation - WPO

Workday terminology for Compensation.

Prorated Compensation - WPO

Explanation for how Workday prorates salary and allowances for part-time positions and partial periods worked.


Hire Staff  - WIG

Steps for hiring staff.

Hire JM Supervisory Organization - WIG

Hiring into supervisory organizations with a Job Management (JM) staffing model.

Add Probation Period - WIG

Steps to add the end date of a classified employee’s probationary period.

Propose Compensation Hire - WIG

Steps to add compensation during the Hire process. This step is a subprocess of Hire.

Change Organization Assignments - WIG

Steps to add a Funded By account to a worker/position.  This is a subprocess of Hire, Add Job, and Change Job.  It can also be a stand-alone process.

Create Position - WIG

Steps to create a position in a Position Management (PM) supervisory organization.

Run Background Check - WIG

Steps to complete the Run Background Check To-Do in Workday. 

Add an EID for Worker - WIG

Steps to complete the Add an EID To-Do in Workday when completing a Hire.

Changes During Employment

Change Job - WPO

Overview of the Change Job business process which is initiated using Start Job Change or Request Transfer. Includes a detailed list of Starting Points (Reasons) to help you choose.

Start Job Change - WIG

Steps to complete Start Job Change which is used to modify a worker’s job.

Request Transfer - WIG

Steps to request a transfer for a worker who is currently in an organization that you do not support. This process uses the Change Job business process.

Reclassification - WIG

Steps to change a staff employee’s job profile as part of the reclassification process. Only applicable to employees in position management (PM) supervisory organizations.

Edit Position Restrictions - WIG

Steps to update attributes of a position in a Position Management (PM) organization. Attributes include job profile and position qualifications.

View Competencies - WIG

Steps to view Competencies that are assigned to a job profile or position.

Add Permanent Additional Duties - WIG

Steps to increase base pay due to Permanent Additional Duties.

Propose Compensation Change - WIG

Steps to change compensation at the Propose Compensation Change step of the Change Job business process.

Request Compensation Change - WIG

Steps to complete a compensation change using the stand-alone business process of Request Compensation Change.

Request One-Time Payment - WIG

Steps to Request One-Time Payment. Examples of one-time payments include: employee awards, one-time merit, and academic activities.

Interim / Acting Jobs for Staff - WPO

Overview of process for adding interim and acting assignments due to a permanent or temporary vacancy. Typically done for leadership positions.

Edit Personal Data for Worker - WIG

Steps to add or update personal data on behalf of a worker. Includes contact information such as phone, email, and physical addresses, emergency contacts, profile photo, and preferred name.

View/Edit Furlough Information - WIG

Steps to view or enter information associated with a Furlough Program.

Mass Processes

Mass Process Guidance 

Mass processes in Workday provide a way to handle cyclical business processes through a mass upload to Workday. For more information on each of these processes, please see the information below listed by business process. Schedules and important dates are listed in the guidance for each mass process.

Multiple Jobs

Employee Type and Primary Job Determination for Multiple Jobs in Workday

Guidance to determine employee types and primary job for employees with multiple jobs in Workday.

Primary Job - WPO

Overview of Primary Job and its impact for employees with multiple jobs. Includes business rules and scenarios to determine which job should be primary.

Add Additional Job for Staff - WIG

Steps to add an additional job for staff.

End Job for Staff - WIG

Steps to end an additional job for staff.

Switch Primary Job for Staff - WIG

Steps to complete Switch Primary Job for staff.

Additional & Sporadic Employment

See the Additional and Sporadic Employment Page

Materials regarding how to handle Additional and Sporadic Employment in Workday for all populations.


Termination - WIG

Steps to terminate an employee’s only job. If an employee has multiple jobs, refer to End Additional Job.

End Dates in Workday - WPO

Overview of various end dates used in Workday and their impact.

Close Position - WIG

Steps to permanently close an unfilled position in a Position Management (PM).  A closed position cannot be reopened.

No Call/Never Worked - WIG   New as of 4/27/2021

Steps to the No Call/Never Worked process which addresses situations where a worker is hired but never reports for work. This includes Contingent Workers and Add Job scenarios.

Nonemployee/Contingent Worker

Contract Contingent Worker - WIG

Steps to hire (contract) a Contingent Worker which is an unpaid nonemployee with only one job.

End Contingent Worker Contract - WIG

Steps to terminate a Contingent Worker by ending their contract.

Convert Contingent Worker to Employee – WIG

Steps to convert a currently active Contingent Worker to be an Employee.