Core HR Processes

Materials on the Core HR business processes for staffing of all populations

Key :  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Core HR Business Process Information Overview 

HCM Key Terms - WPO

Manage Business Processes for Worker - WPO

End Dates in Workday - WPO

View, Cancel, or Rescind a Business Process Event - WIG


Super Approver: Job Change Business Process Approval  - Presentation

Workday Costing for HR Roles - Presentation

Troubleshooting - Presentation

Dates Matter - Presentation


Staffing Overview By Population - WPO

Workers - WPO

Worker Type and Employee Type - WPO

Workday Job Catalog (Includes Job Family group, Job Family, and Job Profile) - WPO

Create Position - WIG

Hire Staff  - WIG

Hire JM Supervisory Organization - WIG

Add an EID for Worker - WIG

Change Organization Assignments - WIG

Run Background Check - WIG

Propose Compensation Hire - WIG

Assign Costing Allocation as Sub-Process - WIG

Add Probation Period - WIG

Changes During Employment

Change Job - WPO

Start Job Change - WIG

Request Transfer - WIG

Reclassification - WIG

Edit Position Restrictions - WIG

View Competencies - WIG

Add Permanent Additional Duties - WIG

Terminology for Compensation - WPO

Prorated Compensation - WPO

Propose Compensation - WPO

Propose Compensation Change - WIG

Request Compensation Change - WIG

Request One-Time Payment - WIG

Interim / Acting Jobs for Staff - WPO

Edit Personal Data for Worker - WIG

View/Edit Furlough Information - WIG

Mass Processes

Mass Process Guidance 

Multiple Jobs

Employee Type and Primary Job Determination for Multiple Jobs in Workday

Primary Job - WPO

Add Additional Job for Staff - WIG

End Job for Staff - WIG

Switch Primary Job for Staff - WIG

Additional & Sporadic Employment

See the Additional and Sporadic Employment Page


Termination - WIG

End Dates in Workday - WPO

Close Position - WIG

No Call/Never Worked - WIG   New as of 4/27/2021

Nonemployee/Contingent Worker

Nonemployee - WPO

Contingent Workers - WPO

Contract Contingent Worker - WIG

End Contingent Worker Contract - WIG

Convert Contingent Worker to Employee - WIG