Workers can now specify Pronouns in Workday

In an effort to extend UT’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, workers can now specify their pronouns in Workday. Workers can update their pronouns on the Change Personal Information screen.

By default, pronouns are only visible to those who hold support roles in each unit, such as HR representatives. This means a worker’s managers and coworkers will not see their pronouns unless they take additional action. Workers who wish to make their pronouns publicly visible can initiate a Change Public Profile Preference task and select Show to All.

Employees can update their pronouns in Workday using the Edit Personal Data – Workday Instructional Guide or by following the steps in the Update Pronouns in Workday entry in the askUS Knowledge Base.

Currently Available Pronoun Choices

  • ask me about my pronouns
  • they/them
  • she/her
  • he/him
  • they/she
  • they/he

Employees who do not see their pronouns in the list should contact

May 19, 2022