Workaround for Expiring Comp Time Report Errors

Some employees are reporting receiving an error when checking to see if they have any comp time expiring soon that they need to use by running the Workday report, Compensatory Time Expiring for Worker - RPT0823. We understand that not knowing when comp time will expire makes it difficult to use this time off. While the issue is investigated and fixed, here is a workaround you can use to determine when existing comp time will expire.

In the meantime, we recommend using the Time Off Results by Period report. You can access the report by entering the report name into the Workday search field.

To use the report Time Off Results by Period

  • Select the appropriate Comp Time type in the Time Off Plans field
  • Select the weeks you want to view in the Periods field. Note – You can select multiple weeks.
  • Expiring comp time will appear as a negative accrual.

Once resolved, the fix will be announced in the askUS Release Notes that are emailed to subscribers every Friday and published on the Workday website.

If you need assistance, contact

Aug. 11, 2021