Update on Expiring Comp Time Report Errors

We want to update campus on the ongoing issue with the Workday report, Compensatory Time Expiring for Worker - RPT0823, originally reported in August (Workaround for Expiring Comp Time Report Errors). The issue may affect you or other employees in your office who receive errors when attempting to run the report. 

Fixing this issue is a high priority, and we want to assure you that the issue only affects the report and does not impact employees’ comp time accruals. To help inform employees of the issue and potential workaround, the following text has been added to the report in Workday.

There is an ongoing issue with the report, Compensatory Time Expiring for Worker - RPT0823, and it may not run successfully. Until the issue is resolved, employees needing to check for expiring Compensatory Time can use the report, Time Off Results by Period (TORBP), and look for negative accruals for future periods.

Additionally, some employees may be able to successfully use the report Time Off Results by Period to determine the expiration of Compensatory Time. 

To use the report Time Off Results by Period:

  1. Enter the name of the report in the Workday search field
  2. Select the appropriate Comp Time type in the Time Off Plans field
  3. Select the weeks you want to view in the Periods field. Note – You can select multiple weeks.
  4. Expiring comp time will appear as a negative accrual.

Once the issue is resolved, we will announce the fix in the askUS Release Notes, emailed to subscribers every Friday and published on the Workday website, and include it in News from askUS.

If you need assistance, contact askUS@austin.austin.edu.

Sept. 16, 2021