Understanding Longevity Pay in Workday

Here you’ll learn how longevity pay is administered in Workday and what your role is in that administration

Longevity Pay

Full-time eligible employees are entitled to receive longevity pay at the rate of $20 per month per year of state service.

Longevity Integration

A Workday integration administers the administration of longevity pay.  It calculates the amount of state service and evaluates the employee’s job to determine eligibility. The integration will automatically add, remove, or increase the amount of longevity pay an employee is entitled to receive.  This integration is run at least daily and can be run ad hoc prior to the initiation of a payroll cycle.  

Multiple Jobs

If an employee who is entitled to longevity pay has multiple jobs, the longevity pay is split between those jobs.  The amount is prorated based on the scheduled weekly hours of each eligible job.

User Intervention

While the integration will handle administration for you, there are some circumstances when users will need to intervene.  During a hire or transfer, you may see Workday automatically add or remove longevity pay through defaulting. If you attempt to accept those actions and submit your transaction, you will receive an error telling you that you may not add or remove longevity pay.  To remedy this, you must undo those actions. Either removing or restoring the longevity pay accordingly.  You must apply this remedy even if you know that the defaulted information is accurate.  Trust that the integration will remove or restore it automatically after you complete your transaction.


You can rely on the longevity integration to administer longevity pay automatically. 


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