Transferring/Adding EPSL Hours Request Form Now Available

The Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) Hours Transfer/Add Request form is now available on the Operational Support webpage.

When an employee needs to transfer EPSL hours to another position or EPSL hours need to be added to a position, a Timekeeper or Absence Partner should submit the request form to for processing by Operational Support. 

Requests should be submitted at the time the employee needs to use the requested hours to ensure the most accurate and up to date tracking of hours. Ensure any pending timesheets and staffing transactions for the employee are approved before submitting a request. 

EPSL hours adjustments will be made effective 4/1/2020, or in the month of the employee’s start date in the position, whichever is later.

EPSL guidance is available on the Time and Absence training webpage on the Workday@UT website.   For questions, contact