Process Changes in Workday to Support New Hiring Policy

In order to support new hiring policies announced on April 14, we have implemented the following temporary changes to hiring and post job business processes in Workday.   

  • All “Hire” business processes will now route to SWS or APS
    • Applies to direct hire and initiated-from-job requisition hires
    • Applies to Faculty and Staff (academic staff, classified, A&P). Student and Nonemployee hire routing will not change.
    • Hire BP has new instructions: All Hires effective after 4/13/2020 need to include an attachment of Exception letter or Offer letter that was provided prior to 4/13/2020.
  • Post Job
    • Post Job can still be processed by the Recruiter but will now route to SWS/APS for review and approval.
  • Create Position and Create Job Requisition
    • BPs remain available with no changes to the process. However, these will ultimately be reviewed based on the new hiring guidelines

For policy and guidance questions, please refer to Human Resources and your department’s local HR representatives. For more information on hiring and recruiting business processes in Workday, please see the HCM Core and Recruiting and Onboarding training pages.



April 27, 2020