Enhancements for 12 Change Job Starting Points Coming in October

Update – Change Job Enhancements will be available on October 8, 2020.

Following the updated Change Job – Location process released in May 2020, we will release enhancements for twelve additional Change Job Starting Points in early October. These enhancements will provide more concise starting points for initiators, reduce routing when possible, and reduce the number of prompts necessary to complete a transaction. Additional information and updated training documentation will be available at the end of September.

Enhancements for the following Change Job Starting Points Coming in October:

  • Change a Worker’s Hours
  • Change Job Details
  • Change Business and Job Titles
  • Change Position and/or Sup Org
  • Change Privileges
  • Contingent Worker: Change Contractor Details
  • Faculty: Inactivate NTT
  • Faculty: Reactivate NTT
  • Reclass > Change in Duties 
  • Reclass > Job Profile Alignment
  • Reclass > Reorganization
  • Student: Update Student Job


Sept. 14, 2020