Change Job Enhancements Now Available in Workday

Enhancements for twelve additional Change Job Starting Points are now available in Workday. These are in addition to the Change Job – Location process enhancement released in May 2020. These updates enhance the Change Job process by providing more concise starting points, reducing routing when possible, and reducing the number of prompts necessary to complete a transaction.  

The Start Job Change task will initially prompt you for what you are trying to do and then present different sections and/or sub processes based on your selection. In other words, the steps and fields for Change Job will be tailored based on what you are trying to do.

New Change Job Starting Points:

  • Change Location (released May 2020)
  • Change Business and Job Titles
  • Change a Worker’s Hours
  • Transfer Worker
  • Change Job Details
  • Reclass > Reorganization
  • Reclass > Job Profile Alignment
  • Reclass > Change in Duties 
  • Student: Change Job Details
  • Faculty: Reactivate
  • Faculty: Inactivate
  • Change Privileges
  • Contingent Worker: Change Contractor’s Details

New Change Job Training Materials:

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Oct. 6, 2020