Change Job Enhancement Goes into Effect on Oct. 10th

Effective Oct. 10, 2019, A Change Job effective date can be the same date as the Position Start date.

The release of this enhancement will allow users to change Scheduled Weekly Hours, Job Profile, Job Classification, Supervisory Organization, and Employee Type with the same effective date as the Position Start Date, without the need to contact Operational Support for assistance.

What does this mean for Workday users?

  • Starting Oct. 10th users can process a Change job with an effective date that matches the Hire or Add Job start date, including retro changes.
  • If you have a Change Job in Progress when the fix is released, and you want to update the effective date of that Change Job to match the start of the Hire or Add Job, the Change Job will need to be canceled and restarted.
  • In Progress Change Jobs will not be impacted and will continue to route forward as expected.

Since around January 2019, Operational Support in coordination with Human Resources has manually processed over approximately 750 corrections and rescinds due to Change Job Details (SWH, Job Profile, Job Classification changes) needing to have the same effective date. Starting on Oct. 10th:

  • Users will no longer need to contact Operational Support (OPS) when they need to process these types of changes that have the same effective date as the Position Start Date.
  • Operational Support will review and send back requests involving effective dates that can now be corrected by the requestor. For reference, returned requests will be sent with an email explaining the Change Job enhancement and the next steps a user might need to take for their particular situation. View a copy of the email content. 


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