Announcing plans for the future phase out of the TXShop service

The askUS TXShop team has announced plans to phase out the TXShop service over the next four years. UT created the TXShop service over ten years ago to fill a campus need for an online payment and event registration service. In the years since, more modern solutions have become available and are increasingly being adopted by groups across campus. The decision to begin the phase-out of the TXShop service at this time stems from the availability of better options for our customers that did not exist when UT created TXShop coupled with the increased resources necessary to maintain and support the service.  

As the first step in the phase-out plan, the askUS TXShop team is no longer accepting requests to create new TXShop storefronts, with exceptions made on a case-by-case basis. This change does not affect any existing stores and we will continue supporting existing customers at current service levels. The TXShop team will work with customers as they begin developing transition plans for their current storefronts and will continue communicating with campus as the TXShop phase-out plan progresses.

if you need information about eCommerce alternatives to TXShop or have questions about credit cards processing options, contact the Credit Card Compliance (CCC) team at

A note on eCommerce and credit card processing options

  • The CCC team can assist your department with choosing an eCommerce and other credit card processing options.
  • All credit card processing options must be approved by the CCC team.
  • The CCC team and Information Security Office (ISO) must approve all eCommerce solutions before departments are allowed to use them. 

If you have questions about the phase-out of TXShop or about your TXShop account, please contact

Nov. 16, 2021