Allocation Details Enhancements Now Available

Updates to the Allocation Details website are now available and include enhanced filtering options and updated drill-through detail views. Thank you to everyone across campus who worked with the eBITS Allocation Details team to identify enhancement recommendations based on real-world business and data requirements. 

Updated documentation on using the Allocation Details tool is also available on the Allocation Details Training Resources webpage and include the following: 

Enhancements included in this update:

  • Hourly workers
  • New Detail view for EIDs and Summary/Detail link bar
  • Tenure Status and Phased Retirement dates
  • Appointment history back to 1993
  • Job Family Group
  • More earnings and allowances (Longevity, Hazardous Duty, etc.)
  • Salary spread
  • Long session/summer session indicators
  • Popovers with detailed Workday payroll and encumbered amounts (excluding one-time payments)
  • Added a convenient link to easily clear filters 
  • Indicators that current filters are excluding data
  • Ability to download allocations for the entire fiscal year
  • Ability to switch views between Wages only and All Earnings categories
  • Ability to work with larger amounts of historical data when utilizing the VP/Dean dropdown 
  • Popovers that lead to “Drill-Through to Detail View" from Amount 
  • All/Salaried/Hourly link bar for non-EID views
  • An enhanced dropdown that detects search type based on the value as you type it  (Note: if a search type is selected manually from the dropdown, it will "stick" for the duration of that search regardless of the typed-in value so that the auto-detect doesn't override the user's choice of search type)