Academic Employment Dashboard Now Available in Workday

Recently, a reimagined Academic Employment dashboard replaced the Academic Personnel Management dashboard in Workday. If the Academic Personnel Management dashboard was previously on your Workday homepage, the new dashboard will appear automatically.

The goal of the new dashboard is to assist staff supporting academic employment with processing, reporting, and other analytical needs. The dashboard organizes information into subject tabs containing Workday matrix reports, standard reports, askUS training resources, and links to additional resources outside Workday.  

The information and reports found in this dashboard concentrate on faculty members’ jobs and corresponding academic appointments. Results focus on paid faculty positions and not other relationships, such as Academic Affiliates or Faculty Associates. 

The Academic Employment Dashboard Guide, accessible from within the dashboard assists with using the matrix reports and report definitions. The guide also contains general information regarding security access to the various reports and data fields.

As a reminder, the Academic HR Partner and Executive roles will have access to the Supervisory Organization Position information. However, only the Academic Partner and Executive for the Academic Unit can access information related to Academic Appointments.

To learn more about Workday dashboards, refer to the askUS article, What are Workday Dashboards and how are they used?


April 23, 2021