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Workday is now live at UT Austin!

Login to Workday

Logging in Requires Duo

Workday will require login through Duo, a two-factor authentication application the university has chosen to help increase security and confidentiality of data. 

For direct assistance with Duo, contact call 512-475-9400. Need more info? Click: Two-Factor Authentication.

Workday Mobile

Interested in using the Workday Mobile app? Use the following training materials for info on how to download and set up Workday Mobile. 

Note: UT does not use Company ID to setup the mobile app. Enter utaustin in the Tenant field. Enter https://www.myworkday.com in the Web Address field.

Step by Step Instructions on Installing the Workday Mobile App 

General Guidance on Installing the Workday Mobile App


Accounting for Time the Week of 10/29-11/4

Visit the Workday Timesheet page for guidance on how to handle timekeeping in Workday for the week of 10/29 - 11/4. 

What Can Employees Do in Workday?

Employees and Managers will use Workday to enter and approve time, claim tax forms like W-2s, view payslips, update direct deposit information, view benefits, and update personal information. For training videos and eLearning on how to perform these actions in Workday. visit the Employees and Managers training page (EID required).


What Should Employees and Managers Do First in Workday?