About Leadership & Governance

Led by the Associate Vice President of Administrative Systems Modernization, Dana Chapman, the Workday Implementation program is committed to engaging leadership and governance groups from across the University, including:

Workday Steering Committee

The Workday Steering Committee is the primary governing body and decision-making group of the Workday program. Formed by Senior Vice President and CFO Darrell Bazzell, the Steering Committee is led by Co-Chair Debra Kress, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, and Leslie Saucedo, Director of Payroll Services. The Steering Committee is comprised of a representative group of Chief Business Officers, Business Owners and Associated IT, Internal Audit, and Faculty.

Stakeholder & Advisory Groups

The Workday program is leveraging many existing stakeholder groups and has formed some unique groups in order to help inform and advise the program on major decisions. Groups include: