Workday Guiding Principles

The Workday Implementation program provides our campus and campus stakeholders with the opportunity to apply enterprise thinking to our overall implementations. As we review the ways in which we do business, challenge assumptions and look at how we can implement standardized processes, we will keep a vigilant eye towards increasing our overall operational effectiveness and efficiencies.

To this end, our Guiding Principles will no longer be guided just by the internal Workday Implementation program, but will instead apply to all facets of the implementation-- whether internal to the program or not. The following will help define the criteria by which the implementations are going to be conducted.

  1. Focus on people: Attract, retain, motivate, and empower each individual team member to contribute in the most effective way possible to the success of the Workday implementation.
  2. Communication: Communicate clearly, frequently, and directly, both internally and externally, to increase accountability, transparency, and openness.
  3. Accountability: Establish measurable success criteria, realistic and achievable goals, and clearly articulated roles and responsibilities to support effective, transparent, and shared obligations.
  4. Governance: Build and adhere to a clearly defined governance framework for planning, prioritizing, and making data-driven decisions.
  5. Engagement: Effectively connect and collaborate with campus stakeholders and end users by establishing a transparent and open framework for stakeholder engagement that is led by business units and supported by the program.
  6. Champion change: Champion the adoption of Workday, new features and functionality, best practices and standardization, and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to address concerns in a supportive, transparent, and open manner.
  7. Integrity: Operate under the framework of honest, transparent, open and fair practices, communication, and guiding principles.