Workday Financial Transaction Steering Committee

A variety of issues have been identified as needing discussion and action to improve processes and guidance to campus. The Workday Financial Transaction Steering Committee has been formed as an official subgroup to Council of University Business Officers to assist in the prioritization and guidance of this review and resulting work.

The Workday Financial Transaction Steering Committee leverages a broad-base of knowledge and experience from campus, the central business offices and Workday leadership to prioritize and make recommendations about how we move forward to make improvements. The steering committee meets regularly prioritize work, form working groups, set deadlines, and drive improvements. The committee has already established priorities for immediate work and is forming several subgroups to focus on high-priority issues.

In scope:

This committee’s scope includes decisions regarding data, training, documentation, reports and process for Workday.

Out of scope:

The committee’s scope does not include policies, defining who is accountable or responsible for addressing recommendations, or who is a member of the committee. The committee has already established immediate priorities and is forming several subgroups to focus on high-priority issues.

Current top priorities include:

  • Improving reconciliation, confidence, and timeliness of data
  • Reporting related to budget
  • Communication out to campus on guidance, training, and progress toward improvements

Committee Chair

Name Title Unit
Kristen Walker Assistant Vice President for Accounting and Financial Management Accounting and Financial Management

Committee Members

Name Title Unit
                    Kimberly Biar Executive Director, Business and Technology Services Moody College of Communcation
Susie Brown Associate Dean for Business Affairs McCombs School of Business 
Tatiana Calliham Executive Director and Chief Business Officer Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
Dana Chapman Associate Vice President for Administrative Systems Modernization Workday
Kathy Foster Associate Vice Provost for Academic Business Affairs and Chief Business Officer Office of the Executive Vie President and Provost 
Renee Gonzalez Assistant Vice President for Research, Office of Sponsored Projects Office of the Vice President for Research
Mary Knight Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President and CFO Financial and Administrative Services
Wes Queen  Assistant Dean Cockrell School of Engineering